Deye’s All-in-One Energy Storage System-lithium solar battery. offers an integrated plug-and-play solution for homeowners and businesses looking to leverage smart energy control and backup power applications.

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DEYE is a leader in the lithium solar battery industry.

The DEYE AL-W5.1-ESS is a high-performance high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) designed to store energy from your solar panels and power your home. With an integrated hybrid inverter that combines a battery inverter and solar inverter into one, it provides the ultimate solar energy solution.

All-in-One, Modular Design

This all-in-one system combines battery storage and inverter technology into one sleek, wall-mounted unit for simple installation. The modular battery design allows you to start with 5kWh of capacity and expand up to 30kWh as your energy needs grow by adding more battery modules.

Intelligent Energy Management

Smart features like peak shaving, scheduled charging, and AC coupling with the grid maximize solar self-consumption and optimize energy use for cost savings. Monitor your system via a smartphone app for real-time control and tracking.

Safe, Long-Lasting Lithium Technology

The high-quality lithium solar battery cells are engineered for performance, longevity, and safety. With over 6000 cycles, this integrated solar storage system will provide years of reliable backup power.

Flexible Capacity Options

Available in 3.6kW to 12kW models with 220V/230V or 380V/400V three-phase output. Single modules store 5.12kWh and can scale up to 184kWh total capacity.

Simple, Flexible Installation

With its all-in-one design, small footprint, and wall-mounted flat panels, this lithium solar battery offers versatile, plug-and-play installation for new solar-plus-storage systems or retrofits. Rethink your home energy system with the DEYE AL-W5.1-ESS lithium solar battery. Store more solar energy, slash your electric bill, and achieve energy independence with powerful integrated storage.


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