High Voltage Series (HV)

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    Deye’s High Voltage(HV) solar battery series offers advanced lithium-ion batteries designed for large-scale solar energy storage and backup power applications. With operating voltages from 160V to 700V, these batteries enable long, efficient string lengths ideal for commercial, industrial and utility-scale renewable energy systems. Key features of the high voltage series include:

    • High voltage architecture for optimized energy storage
    • Advanced lithium-ion battery chemistry
    • Integrated battery management system for safety
    • Modular and scalable design from 8kWh up to 24kWh
    • High round-trip efficiencies up to 97.6%
    • Natural cooling and outdoor IP65 enclosures
    • Compliant with international safety standards

    Deye’s High Voltage solar batteries provide maximum performance and safety for large-scale solar storage and backup power projects.