• Safety
    Built in explosion relief device to dredge gas, and built in fire protection device to cut off the fire source for 3 seconds
  • High voltage stack
    Modules are connected in series without cable connection, and high-voltage platform improves system efficiency.
  • Thermal management
    Temperature detection of key parts, cell, power plug in, etc.
  • Wide temperature operation
    The heating function is optional to meet the application scenarios with low temperature and no sense.
  • Environmental friendliness
    IP protection grade 65, anti corrosion grade ≥C2, environmental protection battery
  • Intelligent and visual
    Support remote upgrade, real time battery warning information push, LCD data display.
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Keep Your Home Running During Any Outage with the GB-L(HV)Power failures can disrupt life and damage property.

The GB-L(HV) integrated solar backup power systems from Deye ESS offer reliable backup to keep your home running in any blackout.

Connecting modules in series internally, this high voltage system eliminates excessive cabling for higher efficiency. Stack up to 6 modules for over 20kWh capacity, and parallel up to 10 units for 200kWh total.

The integrated battery management actively balances cells and includes crucial protections against issues like overcharging and short circuits. It enables remote monitoring and upgrades for simplified maintenance.

With an operating range from -20°C to 60°C, the rugged IP65 enclosure withstands any climate. The optional heater tackles freezing temperatures. Automatic cooling prevents overheating.

Wall mounting at just 97kg streamlines installation. Convenient handles and rollers ease serviceability. The sleek, compact footprint fits any space.

Storing solar energy or grid power, the GB-L(HV) solar backup power systems keep lights, appliances, and devices running day and night. It prevents power disruptions so you can live uninterrupted.

This reliable solar backup power systems delivers:

  • 20kWh capacity, expandable to 200kWh
  • High voltage design for efficiency
  • Advanced battery monitoring and protections
  • Extreme temperature resilience
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
  • Seamless integration into any household

With the GB-L(HV) integrated solar backup power systems, your family stays powered through storm outages, grid failures, or off-grid living. Contact Deye ESS to customize a backup solution for essential circuits or whole home coverage.



GB-L-User-Manual-English & German.pdf

DEYE Energy storage system limited warranty_GB-L.pdf

DEYE Statement on High Voltage Battery Expansion and Insulation Fault.pdf

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