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Technical Data

Model GE-FH60 GE-FL60
Main Parameter
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
Module Energy (kWh) 5.12
Module Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
Module Capacity (Ah) 100
Battery Module Qty In Series (Optional) 12 6(Max)
System Nominal Voltage (V) 614.4 307.2
System Operating Voltage (V) 500~750 240~350
System Energy (kWh) 61.44
System Usable Energy (kWh) 1 55.29
Charge/Discharge 2

Current (A)

Recommend 50 100
Nominal 100
Peak Discharge

(2 mins, 25℃)

Working Temperature (°C) Charge: 0~55/Discharge: -20~55
Status Indicator Yellow: Battery High Voltage Power On

Red: Battery System Alarm

Communication Port CAN2.0/ RS485
Humidity 5%~85%RH
Altitude ≤2000m
IP Rating of Enclosure IP55
Dimension (W/D/H,mm) 735x1045x2235
Weight Approximate (kg) 1015
Installation Location Floor-Mounted
Storage Temperature (°C) 0~35
Recommend Depth of Discharge 90%
Cycle Life ≥6000(@25℃±2℃,0.5C/0.5C,70%EOL)
Warranty 3 10 years
Certification UL1973 /UL9540A/UN38.3
  1. DC Usable Energy, test conditions: 90% DOD, 0.3C charge & discharge at 25°C. System usable energy may vary due to system configuration parameters.
  2. The current is affected by temperature and SOC.
  3. The warranty is due whichever reached first of warranty period or life cycle power.



DEYE GE-FL60-US User Manual

DEYE GE-FH60-US User Manual

Datasheet–A-ESS- Block GE-FL60

Datasheet–A-ESS- Block GE-FH60


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