GE-FH60 / GE-FL60

The GE-FH60 / GE-FL60 solar power battery backup is flexible and powerful and designed for critical applications. It features advanced monitoring and control capabilities and multiple input and output options.

  • High voltage system architecture
  • Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry
  • 61.4kWh energy capacity per cabinet
  • Modular and expandable design up to 360kWh
  • Advanced battery management and monitoring
  • Integrated inverter option
  • Comprehensive safety features: fire suppression, gas detection, etc.
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The GE-FH60 / GE-FL60 solar power battery backup is Deye’s newest high-voltage battery energy storage solution, leveraging lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry for safe and reliable performance. This system is offered in two configurations:

The GE-FH60 is optimized for higher voltage DC-coupled solar and backup power applications up to 700VDC. It features a 614V system voltage achieved by 12 battery modules wired in series. To handle the higher voltages, 165mm DC cabling is utilized.

The GE-FL60 is designed for lower voltage AC-coupled energy storage applications up to 350VDC. It uses a 307V system voltage architecture with up to 6 battery modules in series. This model employs 150mm cabling suitable for the reduced voltages.

Both models deliver 61.4kWh of energy capacity and 100Ah capacity per battery module. They also allow additional battery expansion, with the capability to scale the systems up to 360kWh.

A key differentiation between the two configurations is found in the charge and discharge current ratings. The GE-FH60 has a lower 50A recommended current, while the GE-FL60 can operate at a continuous 100A current. However, both units offer 125A of peak discharge capability.

For safety and protection, the GE-F60-US(HV) platform incorporates aerosol-based fire suppression, gas detection with automated exhaust, multiple alarm systems, and continuous battery monitoring. The GE-FH60 model features more advanced integrated power controls to handle higher voltages, while the GE-FL60 includes simplified battery monitoring.

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Deye GE-FL60 Datasheet

Deye GE-FL60 User Manual

Deye GE-FH60 Datasheet

Deye GE-FH60 User Manual


DEYE Statement on Battery Expansion and Insulation Fault

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