Deye’s 2024 Roadshow: 1st Stop – Johannesburg


Johannesburg, South Africa – Deye’s New Year roadshow event held in Johannesburg garnered significant attention from both local South African players and leading figures across the photovoltaic industry. The venue was packed, with over 60 industry peers engaging with Deye team members about new products and cutting-edge solutions.

In addition to Deye’s mainstream battery offerings like the SE-G5.3, RW-5.3Pro, BOS-G, and BOS-A LV&HV series, the all-in-one ESS systems including the GE-F60, GE-F120, and MS-6230 also received considerable interest. Furthermore, upcoming products set to launch were introduced, including the balcony energy storage system AE-F2.0-2H2 and the low-voltage all-in-one RW-F5.3-2H3 series.

The new AE-F2.0-2H2 balcony storage series fills an important gap in this market sector. Attendees expressed great enthusiasm for these new offerings that sparked lively discussions and exchanges.