The Low Voltage AE-FS2.0-2H2 2kWh LFP battery is a versatile and durable energy storage solution with a 10-year warranty, waterproof design, and advanced features like UPS load support and fast switching.

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The Low Voltage AE-FS2.0-2H2 2kWh LFP battery is a versatile and reliable energy storage solution for both residential and commercial use.

With a 1000W PV MPPT input and 800W bidirectional AC/DC, this battery can power a variety of devices.

Its IP65 waterproof design with USB-A and Type C ports makes it perfect for outdoor use, while its all-in-one design allows for easy self-installation.

It comes with a 10-year warranty and can withstand up to 6000 cycles to 70% capacity.

It also features UPS load support and fast switching within 4ms, making it a reliable backup power source.

With Bluetooth, WiFi, and a mobile app, you can easily monitor and control your energy usage.

The battery is also designed to operate in a wide temperature range of -10’C to 50’C, making it suitable for various climates and environments.



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