• Affordable, high-quality lithium iron phosphate solar battery system
  • 61.44 kWh total capacity, 55.29 kWh usable
  • Wide -20°C to 55°C operating temperature range
  • 6000+ cycles to 70% capacity
  • Integrated battery management system for protection and optimization
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The BOS-G-H/L cheap solar battery from Deye ESS offers excellent value with advanced lithium iron phosphate technology.

Utilizing safe, long-lasting LiFePO4 battery chemistry, this system provides 61.44kWh of total energy capacity with 55.29kWh of usable capacity. It can be configured as either 307.2V (BOS-G60L) or 614.4V (BOS-G60H) to match different system voltages.

Despite the low price point, performance does not suffer. The BOS-G-H/L cheap solar battery can provide 100A continuous discharge current, with 125A peak capability for 2 minutes. It also offers a wide -20°C to 55°C operating temperature range and supports over 6000 cycles to 70% capacity.

An integrated battery management system protects the cells and optimizes operation. It includes overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and overtemperature protections. The system can also self-manage charge and discharge based on settings.

With 19-inch rack mounting, the BOS-G-H/L cheap solar battery installs easily into solar battery banks. At just 596kg, it is lighter than comparable lead-acid banks for simplified handling.

Backed by a 10 year warranty, the BOS-G-H/L solar battery system from Deye ESS balances performance, safety and value. Its affordable pricing makes energy storage more accessible for grid-tied or off-grid solar electric systems.


Deye BOS-G60H Datasheet

Deye BOS-G60L Datasheet

Deye BOS-G60H Manual

Deye BOS-G60L Manual


DEYE Statement on Battery Expansion and Insulation Fault


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