The GE-F60-EU(HV) is an ideal solution for power storage battery for home or commercial centers needing high power backup or off-grid supply, as well as frequency regulation or renewable integration. It can work with solar, wind, diesel generators and grid supply. Safety is a key focus with multiple alarms, exhaust ventilation, and automatic fire suppression using aerosol extinguishing.

  • High capacity of 230kWh in a compact footprint
  • Nominal power output of 100kW with max round trip efficiency of 88%
  • Intelligent temperature control keeps batteries under 38°C during operation
  • Adopts aerosol fire suppression for enhanced safety
  • Scalable and modular design supports adding MPPT, charging modules, and generators
  • Reliable LFP chemistry provides over 6000 cycles and 10 year warranty
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The Deye ESS GE-F60-EU(HV) is a comprehensive lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage solution rated for 50kW continuous power output and 61.4kWh total energy capacity. As an all-in-one system, it integrates the battery modules, battery management system, power conversion system, and auxiliary components into a single outdoor-rated enclosure. It is your ideal solution for a power storage battery for home.

The GE-F60-EU(HV) utilizes safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry in a modular design. The system consists of 12 battery modules rated for 5.12kWh and 51.2Vdc each. These battery modules use LFP cathode material paired with graphite anode material, providing high current rate capabilities. The modules also feature multiple safety mechanisms including voltage, current and temperature monitoring.

The battery management system actively balances cell voltages in each module to prevent drift and ensure long cycle life. Integrated contactors allow full disconnection of battery power when required. With over 6000 cycles under standard test conditions, the batteries support daily cycling applications over extended operating lifetime.

The floor-mount GE-F60-EU(HV) enclosure provides an IP55-rated interior environment to protect the batteries and other sensitive components from dust, moisture and other contaminants. The dimensions are 2235mm (H) x 1045mm (D) x 735mm (W). Integrated air conditioning regulates internal temperatures for safe and optimized battery operation.

Also inside is a hybrid power conversion system to efficiently manage bi-directional power flow between the DC battery system and AC electrical connections. This PCS provides key capabilities like black start, off-grid supply, frequency regulation, and renewable energy integration.

The entire system is monitored by the energy management system controller which tracks component health, usage metrics, and critical alarms. Both local and remote interfaces give insight into the current operating status. Multiple communication buses support system expansion and 3rd party integration.

Product Parameters

Model GE-F60
System Specification
Nominal Output Power/UPS Power (W) 50000
AC Output Frequency and Voltage 50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Grid Type Three phase
Energy Configuration (kWh) 61.4
Dimension (W x D x H,mm) 735x1045x2235 (no contain inverter)
Weight Appr. (kg) 1015 (no contain inverter)
AC Output Rated Current (A) 75.8
Battery Operating Voltage (V) 500 ~ 700
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4
IP Rating of Enclosure IP55
System Certification UN38.3, IEC62619, CE, CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, IEC 62109
Installation Style Floor-Mounted
Warranty 10 years
Inverter Technical Specification
Max. PV Input Power (W) 65000
Max. PV Input Current (A) 36+36+36+36
Rated PV Input Voltage (Vdc) 600
Start Up DC Voltage (Vdc) 180
MPPT Voltage Range (Vdc) 150-850
Max. PV Short-circuit Current (A) 44+44+44+44
Number of MPPT 4
Peak Power (off grid) 1.5 time of rated power, 10s
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
THD <3%
DC injection current (mA) <0.5ln
Display LCD
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -40~60( >45℃ derating)
Relative Humidity 15% ~ 85% (No Condensing)
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 420x233x670
Inverter Communication CAN, RS485, WIFI, ETH
Safety EMC / Standard UL1741, FCC, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-3, IEC/EN 61000-6-4
Grid Regulation VDE4105, IEC61727/62116, VDE0126, AS4777.2, CEI 0 21, EN50549-1, G98, G99, C10-11, UNE217002, NBR16149/NBR16150
Max. Efficiency 97.6%
Max. charging/discharging efficiency 91%
Battery Technical Specification
Battery Module Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
Battery Module Energy (kWh) 5.12
BMS Communication CAN
Battery Module Dimension(W*D*H mm) 440x570x133
Battery Module Weight (kg) 45
Operating Temperature Range Charge: 0~55℃ / Discharge: -20℃~55℃
Cycle Life ≥6000(@25℃±2℃,0.5C/0.5C,70%EOL)
Battery Module Certification CE, IEC62619, IEC62040, UN38.3





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