As a leading producer of rechargeable solar power batteries, Deye introduced AI-W5.1-B. It is an ideal lithium iron phosphate solar battery that offers high safety, performance and flexibility for residential and commercial renewable energy storage applications. Its modular design allows easy system expansion while the intelligent BMS enables remote monitoring and control.

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DEYE is a leader in producing rechargeable solar power batteries.

The DEYE rechargeable solar power battery AI-W5.1-B is an advanced lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery designed for solar energy storage and backup power applications. With its safe, long-lasting LFP chemistry, intelligent battery management system, and robust design, this battery provides an ideal storage solution for residential and commercial renewable energy systems.

Key Features:

  • Safer Cobalt-Free LFP chemistry for improved safety and longer lifespan
  • High discharge power support up to 10C pulse discharge
  • IP65 enclosure for outdoor installations
  • Operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 55°C
  • Modular and scalable design from 5kWh to 184kWh capacity
  • Intelligent BMS for active cell balancing and protection
  • Auto-networking between battery modules
  • Remote monitoring and firmware upgrades
  • Natural cooling and flat stackable design for flexible installations
  • Quick installation without wiring or screws
  • Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic and pollution-free

Reliable Solar Storage:

The rechargeable solar power battery AI-W5.1-B utilizes the latest LFP battery cells to deliver high efficiency, safe operation, and an extended 10+ year lifespan. The integrated battery management system actively monitors cell conditions, balances charging, and protects against over-voltage and other faults. With a wide operating temperature range, IP65 rating, and natural cooling, this battery can be used indoors or outdoors for solar storage.

Flexible Modular Design:

The modular architecture and stackable enclosures enable this battery to flexibly scale from 5kWh up to 184kWh of storage capacity. Integrated DC breakers simplify paralleling up to 36 battery modules. With floor or wall mounting options, the system can be easily sized to match your solar array and runtime requirements.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring:

The AI-W5.1-B provides multiple options for remote monitoring and control via smartphone, PC, or touchscreen. Critical data like state of charge, health status, and faults are readily accessible. The system can also integrate with smart meters and energy management systems. Over-the-air firmware updates ensure the battery analytics stay up-to-date. With its advanced LFP technology, modular architecture, and robust design, the DEYE AI-W5.1-B offers a smart energy storage solution to enable solar self-consumption, time-of-use shifting, backup power, and grid services.


Deye AI-W5.1-B Datasheet

Deye AI-W5.1-B User Manual

Deye AI-W5.1-B Safety Data Sheets

Deye AI-W5.1-B Inverter Compatibility Statement


DEYE Statement on Battery Expansion and Insulation Fault


CB_AI-W5.1-B_DSS_SG SGS-00271

CE-EMC_AI-W5.1-B_DSS_SZEM2401000034AT Ver_CE

Classification and Identification Report for Transport_By Sea_AI-W5.1-B_RZUN2023-8976-1


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